Nitrogen Flushing and Sealing Machines are for partially evacuating the pouch and filling it with an inert gas like nitrogen. The contents in the pouch will have longer shelf life by reducing fungal and bacterial growth due to reduced presence of oxygen. Inert gas filling helps to prevent crushing of contents. Items like chips, wafers, mixtures, fried nuts, coffee etc. can be packed in this machine for retaining its freshness and aroma till it reaches the consumer.

Since the packing is done mostly in laminated pouches, serrated hot bar sealing jaws are used for sealing the bag. Serration helps in getting high sealing strength. The heat control is achieved by simmerstat


The machine is designed for semi-automatic operation . Once the pouch is kept in position and the foot pedal actuated, evacuation, filling the pouch with inert atmosphere, lifting of nozzle from the pouch and sealing take place sequentially and automatically. Compressed air is used to apply sufficient sealing pressure on sealing jaws.

Note: Filtered, lubricated and compressed air at 6kg/cm and the inert gas cylinder with double stage regulator with pressure gauges are to be arranged by the customer

Length x width of sealing jaw mm 250 x 12
Type of sealing   Hot bar sealing
Power   130 W
Voltage   240 V AC
Compressed air pressure kg/cm2 6
Compressed air requirement at NTP liters/min 12
Over all dimension L x B x H mm 490 x 560 x 1160
Weight kg 38
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