To mark variable information on Outer Packs on-line. Because of indexing, ensures single marking on individual packs while the pack moves.

Does marking on Outer Packs while the Pack moves on the conveyor.

To  mark  variable  information/logo/monogram  on Leather  Cloth,  Inner  Layer  Of  Paper Tubes /Cones /Paper Reels,  Plywood/Decorative Laminate,  Paper Reels  etc.

Does on-line marking on Web, when Web moves.

Made  of  rubber moulded to form grooved stereos. Permutable  combination  of  stereos  provided  in  one  set, which  can  take  variety  of  markings.  Stereos  of  6mm, 8mm, 14mm  &  25mm  height  available  as  options.  Composite stereo  strips  and  logo/monogram  can  be  provided  on specific  order  for  easy  changeover  of  messages.  

Available in Black, Red, Green & Blue colours in 1 Ltr. & 5 Ltrs. Pack.

On stereos through non-messy specially formulated Ink Rollers are available in Black, Red, Green & Blue colours.v


Ink Rollers can be charged by immersing the same for 30 Minutes inside a lidded container.


Print Are

Half Width

Full Width


Length Width Length
44mm 450mm 86mm 450mm
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