Band Sealer is an ideal machine suitable for sealing both virgin and laminated plastic bags. It is widely used in packaging of food, medicines, cosmetic, chemicals, electronic components, vegetable seeds and preservation of the cultural relics etc. It is the best sealing equipment for batch production.
This sealer is provided with a temperature controller to control the sealing temperature and a variable speed drive for adjusting the sealing and conveyor speed.
These are micro controller based machines which has the following additional features:

Soft starting which improves DC motor life

Precise temperature control system which makes this machine suitable for all types of plastics.

Auto shut down mechanism. The machine automatically shuts down on command; initially switching of the heater and when the jaw temperature cools down to safe level the motor also is switched off. This increases the life of the Teflon belt and saves the shut down time for labour thus increasing productivity.
4 pre-set programmes can be stored and called when ever required depending on plastic material used for packing, thus saving time for programming; facilitating even laymen to operate the machine
  CS 3 & CSi 3 CSi 15
  Horizontal Type Horizontal
Cum Vertical Type
Cum Vertical Type
Voltage 240 V/50 Hz 240 V/50 Hz 240 V/50 Hz
Power 500 W 500 W 500 W
Sealing Speed 0-12m/min 0-12m/min 0-10m/min
Sealing Width 12mm 12mm 12mm
Temperature Range 0-300º     0 - 300º
Max Conveying Load 3 Kg. 3 Kg. 15 Kg.
Dimension 800 x 420 x 320 (mm) 800 x 380 x 550 (mm) 800 x 420 x 650 (mm)
Weight 32 Kg. 37 Kg. 40 Kg.

The machine consists of the frame, the speed and sealing temperature control system, transmission and conveying system. Once the machine is switched ON, the heater cartridge heats and raises the temperature of the heater blocks. Then the temperature and speed may be set depending on the sealing material. The drive and transmission system synchronously control the speed of the sealing belt, guide belt and conveyor belt.

The bag is placed on the input side and the sealing belt carries the bag through the heater blocks, pressing rollers and cooling blocks. The heater blocks melt the plastic and when it passes through the pressing rollers and cooling blocks, the bag gets sealed. Then the bag is transferred to guide belt and passes through the impression wheel which gives good sealing impression on the sealing area.

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