Vacuum Packaging machine is the heart of the system. It comprises of a sturdy vacuum chamber, pneumatically operated sealing jaws and a new generation high vacuum pump. The chamber opening and closing is automatic and uses pneumatic system. This is equipped with photo-electric sensor for human protection during closing. The rail system inside the machine aligns the former in exact position.
Industry friendly – high vacuum pump.
Microprocessor controlled, easy to use.
Precise sensors for vacuum levels.
Sealing technology from the masters.
Gravimetric Tea Dispenser
Platform vibrator
Strapping machine
Consistent moisture levels
Prevents oxidation.
Aroma & Flavor retention
Perfect briquette shape & added stack ability.
Prevents adulteration.
Micro processor based machine with preset programmes
Robust construction
Pneumatically controlled sealing jaws
Vertical configuration ideally suited for bulk packaging
Easily slidable door
Sensors for precise vacuum, gas level controls.
Low noise oil mist free vacuum pump.

900 VV - 150


900 mm X 10mm

Vacuum Pump 150 M3 /Hr./ 5 HP

Cycle time

30 ~ 35 sec.
Electric Power @415V/3Phase
Working Pressure 6 ~ 10 bar
Type - Rotary vane type
Direct driven
Oil mist free
Forced oil lubricated
Low noise levels
Speed - 150 M /Hr.
Filtration - Special imported filter
Low starting torque-Ideal for intermittent operation
No voltage fluctuation during starting
Uses only 3 liters of oil
It is an ideal material handling equipment for lifting the finished tea from a lower plane to a dispensing or blending hopper for further processing / filling. This can be used in conjunction with a vibratory feeder or your existing conveyor line.

It is constructed in MS and powder coated, buckets are made of food grade PP material. This can convey materials to a height of 3 meters. The flow can be controlled automatically and has a capacity up to 6 M / Hr.
Vibratory Feeders are used in conjunction with Bucket Elevators. It is being powered by an inbuilt Electro Magnetic Oscillator, Which provides, stable, gentle, fast vibrations and ensure uninterrupted feeding. Speed is about 4 M3/Hr. The standard model is constructed in SS 304. This could be customized as per the customer requirement.
Forming the pouch to a finite shape is very important in vacuum packaging. Apart from enhancing the looks of the packet, it increases the stack-ability and load-ability. Inserting the pouch to the former and making the pre-form can be a time consuming and cumbersome process at many places. Pouch insertion mechanism brings in convenience and makes the process easier and fast.
Filling tea into the pouch is comparatively cumbersome and time consuming process. Our gravimetric dispensers are convenient gadgets for addressing this problem. The standard model can weigh and dispense in a range of 10 ~ 75 kgs of tea. There can be systems with a hopper & platform weighing to suit to the specific requirements of individual factories. Accuracy levels are also within the stipulated limits set by the authorities, ie., 0.1 %

GW 75

Pneumatically operated dispensing gates Simple design & shorter setup time Bulk feed & fine feed for accuracy.
Dispensing range 10 ~ 75 Kgs.

Working Pressure

6 ~ 10 bar

Accuracy +/- 0.1%
Vibration of tea before vacuum packaging is highly recommended. This will help the tea to settle to the shape of the container, the packet to be more compact and presentable. Vibrator is operated by a foot switch and powered by a special 1 HP / 3 phase vibrator motor. It is designed for vibrating tea up to 60 kgs.
It is used for strapping the vacuum packed secondary packaging cartons after taping. It can be used as a part of your packaging line or as a stand alone machine. Strapping force, width of the strap etc can be varied ( 6 ~ 15 mm).
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