The Flap Printer consist of Ink Roller + Transfer Roller + Printwheel + Pressure Roller – all integrated & Mounting Bracket which enables the Flap Printer to be installed on Cartonating Machine.

The Flap Printer is used with a Cartonating Machine to mark the Flap of a Tube Pack – on-line with mandatory/obligatory variable information.

The Flap Printer is fitted on the Cartonating Machine before the tucking-in of Flap operation takes place. The Flap of the Tube comes open to the Flap Printer and then the Flap gets-in between the Pressure Roller & Printwheel – the Flap gets coded and the pack goes for its subsequent operation. The movement of Ink Roller + Transfer Roller + Printwheel + Pressure Roller is completely synchronized.

The Flap Printer installation with Cartonating Machine is very simple. The same is done by Chain & Sprocket (to be provided by your Company). The Flap Printer’s speed of working depends on the speed of the Cartonating Machine.


All moving parts are made in 306 SS material.

The body frame and the bracket of the Flap Printer are made in WPS.


Absorbent Ink is used for inking. 3/4 drops of Ink codes 2500/3000 Tubes.  The inking procedure is very simple – dropping of Ink on the Ink Roller by a dropper.


0% Maintenance. Replacement parts are the daily change of Stereos & Ink Roller – should the same get de-shaped.


35mm (W) x 130mm (L) x 72mm (H).


84mm (W) x 75mm (L) x 10mm (Thickness).

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