Soft Vacuuming (Up to 9 Iteration ).
  Soft vacuum ensures minimum level of oxygen, achieved by repeated vacuuming flushing, up to 9 iteration possible, virtually making the levels of oxygen nil (0.0000000000001%)
Anti Plummet Vacuuming for fine products.
  Plummet in vacuum levels cause fine powder to fly. Sevana’s machines uses anti-plummet vacuuming by two vacuum pumps, the second vacuum pump is switched on second stage which can be preset.
Flush up to 3 gases.
  Modified Atmosphere Packing Software, MoDat provides accurate, easy and convenient settings.
Sensor based system for high accuracy
  Real time feedback system provides maximum accuracy

Micro-processor based.

  Advanced embedded software provides speed and accuracy
Fully see through lid.
Five preset programs.
Digital Display.
Relatively Silent Mist Free Pump.
Stainless steel contact parts.
Emergency stop button.
Cycle Counter.
Electrical protection systems.
Initial fresh air flushing for pouch protection.
Independent control for individual jaws.
We customize as per your requirement.
Fully Stainless steel versions are available.
Special paint colour is available.
Power failure air intake system
Sturdy and heavy gauge design.
In all Models following options are available
Fully stainless steel
Gas Flushing Facility
#Silent Mist Free Pump (250/533 LPM)
Higher capacity Vacuum Pump
  250#*/500/533# LPM)
Model Variants
300 VM3G XT
300 VS3G XT
400 VM3G XT
400 VS3G XT
500 VM3G XT
500 VS3G XT
Model Chamber Dimension Sealing N Power Dimension Weight Kg
L1 W1 H L2 W V W L B H
400 V  3G  XT 520 450 100 400 3 2 240 1800 655 690 940 167
300 V  3G  XT 620 450 100 300 3 2 240 1500 755 690 940 177
500 V  3G  XT 620 450 100 500 3 2 240 2100 755 690 940 177
Pump Capacity : 250 LPM * 2
Higher Pump Capacity Available
Feature XT Series Normal Vacuum Packing

Micro processor based

Sensor based System

3 Gas Flushing


Anti-plummet Vacuuming


Soft Vacuuming


Number of Modes

5 4

Net Pump Capacity

500 250

Silent Mist Free Pump


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